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DiNapoli Trading - Seminars

Seminars offered by authorised DiNapoli trainer, Jason Bone

Private Seminars

As I indicated on the Home Page –

"getting trained to be a successful trader is no different from going to university and studying law or medicine. To pass those exams, develop competency and to create a successful career takes time and effort, regardless of how intelligent you are".

Yes, it is possible to be self taught in the markets but why spend endless years/months researching what does or does not work? Why not instead consider jump starting your trading education with proven methods and strategies that are being used very successfully by many traders worldwide.

This is the point of the private seminar. My advice is for people who are interested to first buy the book Trading with DiNapoli Levels and if they like the methods discussed to take a seminar.

A limited number of private seminars are held each year with me. Pre-requisites for attendance apply including that you must have studied the book Trading with DiNapoli Levels and you should have a keen interest in trading the markets.

If you are interested in attending a seminar now or in the future, please email and we will place you on the notification list.

The cost of the standard 2 day seminar is £850 (a £200 cancellation fee will apply if we are unable to fill the seat that was reserved for you).

The current schedule for seminar dates can be found here.

Comments from past attendees are on the testimonials page.

Need any help or have some questions about a Private Seminar? Feel free to contact me.

Seminar Information

"Hi Jason

I'd just like to say thanks again for a really brilliant private seminar. I really feel I have moved onto the next level with my knowledge of dinapoli trading techniques. I felt I had an OK understanding of the techniques prior to the seminar, but after the seminar things are so much clearer. Your teaching style was really excellent, and was more of an encouragement for us to see why we would need any technique, and what hole a given technique would fill, before introducing us to the technique. I found this an excellent approach.

Your understanding and ability to explain the knowledge in clear and simple terms, and to make it totally undaunting was really welcome. I had thought I might struggle for parts of the material but it was not the case at all. You really were most patient at answering the myriad of questions from us.

I found the group size to be really good, with each of us getting personal attention. Many thanks again for giving up one of your weekends for us. I really feel I can move my trading onto the next level and begin to actively trade the trading plans outlined to us. I really felt the example trades you presented were a great asset - with many of them being so recent - eased any concerns I had that the approach still works. So many times I have come across systems or strategies that no longer work or arent relevent in a particular market. Your humble attitude to your vast experience your modesty were also a breath of fresh air."

London, UK
March 2011

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